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          Welcome to visit Xinxiang Juxinglong Water Treatment Co.,Ltd. !

          Four reasons for choosing us

          Manufacturer integrating R&D, production, processing, sales and installation
          About us learn more

          Founded in 1986, Xinxiang Juxinglong Water Treatment Co.,Ltd. is the earliest water treatment agent manufacturer in the central plain region of China, as a provider of diversified products and best service. At present, Juxinglong is located at 5km away from East suburb of Xinxiang city and has 93 employees, including 3 senior engineers of water process, 5 engineers and 12 technicians.As an ISO9002 quality system approved company, our "Jieneng" serial products have been approved and titled as the Good "energy-saving & cost-lowering products of Henan province". ......

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        1. Tel0373-565115
        2. Mobile13653905177
        3. AddressHongqi District, Dong Guan township government breakwater 500 meters,Xinxiang City, Henan Province
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